10 - ePractise.eu : un nouveau service pour réunir les praticiens autour des bonnes pratiques en e-santé, e-gouvernement et e-inclusion


ePractice.eu is a new service to the professional community of eHealth, eGovernment and eInclusion practitioners.

ePractice.eu' mission is to create a dynamic community of practitioners, driven by a participative approach, which enables capacity building through proactive dissemination, exchange and assessment of best practice in eGovernment, eInclusion and eHealth.
It will be an interactive initiative that empowers its users to discuss and influence open government, policy-making and the way public administrations operate and deliver services.
With this new service you will be able to share real life cases, insight and lessons learnt with the community of eHealth, eGovernment or eInclusion practitioners by submitting good practice cases and/or contributing to/discussing about already submitted cases.
This portal is intended to provide horizontal services (news, events, workshops, library, case studies, blog, etc) to the three communities.
To submit cases, please register first on www.ePractice.eu.

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