01 : CATEL's Presentation (in English)

Network of abilities in the e-Health field




CATEL is an association created in october 1997. It has become a network of nearly 11 000 contacts concerned by telemedecine (practitioners, firms, associations, institutions, labs...), and more than 600 active members



 Our Goal : contributing to the development of telemedicine !




puce_bleue.gif      ORGANISING MEETINGS  

The yearly Interregional Telemedicine Day (in multisite visioconferencing with partners in France and abroad) and four annual Thematic Meetings


puce_bleue.gif      INFORMING                       

By the internet website www.portailtelesante.org(more than 4 500 articles), the Flash News, monthly Newsletter, the meeting reports, publications...


puce_bleue.gif    CONSULTING

Support to the evaluation of developing projects, appraise and launching of new applications of telemedicine



What is telehealth ? Thanks to the new telecommunication networks (telephones, Internet, satellites…,) practitioners can exchange information, carry out consultations and analyse medical pictures at distance. This new practice is a way of abolishing the distances, avoiding transfers and hospitalization, giving better life conditions to patients and improving the quality of the care.



The Team :

- Didier ROBIN, President

- Pierre TRAINEAU, General Manager

- Nathalie DE SERVIGNY, Financial Manager, in charge of the international relations

- Cécile ROSTIN, Communication Manager, in charge of the network development

- Jean-Baptiste LAVAULT, Projects Manager

- Guillaume JAN, Projects Manager

- Fabienne MARECHAL, Projects Manager

- Stéphanie BALIAN, Coordinator of association events

- Marion GUILLO, Personal Assistant



Need some more information ? Need a help in your projects ? Contact us !  

Tel : 0033 (0)2 97 68 14 03 -  Fax 0033(0)2 97 68 29 56 - Email : catel@telemedecine.org

You can also visit our website :  http://www.portailtelesante.org !






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